Managing investments is just a small piece of the puzzle which is why our services don’t stop there.  

Over the years we have adapted and crafted our comprehensive services to better meet your unique and complex needs. Below is an overview of three key areas we focus on to help you build wealth and develop peace of mind. 


Financial planning is life-long process - not a one-time event.  We work with you to organize and establish a framework that will help you meet your financial goals and objectives.  Life is complicated and our goal is to be a constant resource along the way.

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Investment Management

As an independent, Fee-Only firm, we provide fiduciary investment advice that is not influenced by commissions or kick-backs from mutual fund companies. Our philosophy and methodology is designed to improve the investment experience.

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Our job as your advisor is to take the emotions out of investing. Investing is emotional. You have a lot at stake. We are your partner in making rational decisions  when emotions are high. It may sound simple, but this may be one of our greatest value adds.

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The Value of Advice

Studies have shown that investors who are actively working with an advisor are seeing better results than those who don’t. Investors who work with an advisor…

Save at 2X the rate of non-advised households!*

Are more confident about retirement!*

Are more likely to choose tax-efficient savings vehicles!*

Have 4.2X the median assets of non-advised households!*

*Source: New Evidence on the Value of Financial Advice Dr. Jon Cockerline. Ph.D, 2012,
Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC); The Value of Advice Report, 2012, IFIC.*

A 2020 study by Russell Investments estimates that advisors deliver value of 5.2% or more each year to their clients that extends beyond investment-only advice.